Fuel Saver Tips

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Ever wonder how you could save money at the grocery store? Why not consider your car or truck? Put money back in your pocket and extend the mileage of your vehicle. Below are some common fuel saving tips that you may want to consider. These tips can not only put money in your pocket, but make you a better driver too.


Chill Out!

Aggressive acceleration at green lights and stop signs wastes fuel. Pretend your driving with grandma and we bet you’ll add more mileage before your next fill up.

Rollin Smooth...

Keep your tires inflated: proper air pressure reduces rolling friction which causes your vehicle to use more fuel.

Lighten Your Load

Junk in your trunk? Take it out to reduce your car’s weight. For every extra 100 pounds in your vehicle could reduce your MPG by about 1%.

Are You In Tip Top Shape?

Get regular tune-ups: keeping your engine and other parts in top shape helps your car use fuel more efficiently.

Halt! Ok, go ahead.

Avoid stop-and-go traffic: Unless you have a hybrid, city driving greatly reduces your gas mileage. Combine trips or just skip them.

To infinity and beyond!

Keep your car as long as possible: Now with Total Car Care Guaranteed for Life, Lifetime Parts and Vehicle Maintenance plans can save you more money in the long run than replacing your car.

Cruisin' Together

Using cruise control is more than for use on highways. Did you know that cruise control regulates your gas which help avoid the gas pedal fluctuation? Use cruise control whenever possible.

You a Speed Racer?

Avoid high speeds as your car aerodynamic drag increases the faster you go. Going over about 50 miles an hour or more can reduce your MPG by $0.20 per gallon.

Aah... Breathe Clean Air

You could save up to $0.20 a gallon or more by simply changing your air filter. As the air filter gets clogged it reduces the air flow to the engine which causes more fuel consumption.

Source: fueleconomy.gov

Smart Savings = Happy Driver

Why buy a replacement air filter for
$15 every time when you can
purchase a one time
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Cost of tires starts around $335.
Never purchase tires again with
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By now you get the idea
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Lifetime brakes start at $99.95
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*These are estimates based on averages. Parts cost and savings can vary due to many factors such as miles driven, driving style, weather conditions, etc.
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