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Print We are proud to announce that MPG Automotive Services has partnered with local non-profit Mended Little Hearts of Tucson.

They provide much needed support to Southern Arizona Heart families who have children born with congenital heart defects (CHD). They offer support, encouragement, and information to CHD families in hospitals and communities across the country.

We are collecting supplies for these families at all of our locations. Please consider dropping by to any of our (6) MPG Automotive locations and help fill our donation boxes. All donations are packaged as “Bravery Bags” and given to the families while in the hospital to help support their child in need. These bags include everything as family would need for an unplanned hospital stay.

Did you know that 1 in 10 babies born in America (about 40,000 each year) have something wrong with their heart at birth? Congenital heart disease [...]

Do You Shop Local Using Oro Valley OV Dollars?

Think Local. Live Local. Support Local. Sustain community.

Using OV Dollars build community. Contact the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce to participate.

Did you know that local shopping represents about 50% of the Oro Valley general fund? Sales tax is a major revenue source for the town.

It’s a fact that shopping local helps retention of community funding, create jobs, reduce environmental impact, and so much more. Generated revenue goes to support public safety, parks, core programs and services that Oro Valley residents and visitors enjoy through sales made by shoppers.

The operation of the Shop Oro Valley program is much like as credit card, but instead of shopping at any retailer, shoppers can swipe their card at participating locations of the OV Dollar program. These cards can be purchased from $10-$500. They can be purchased at the following locations:

Town of Oro Valley Administration Building
11000 N. La Cañada Drive | [...]

MPG Automotive Launches ‘Shocktober’ Mail-in Offer

Buy 4 For The Price of 3 - Monroe Shocks & Struts

MPG Automotive launches 'Shocktober' mail-in offerBoo-Haha! It’s SHOCKTOBER!

Have you had your shocks inspected lately? It’s a fact: many manufacturers recommend replacements approximately every 50,000 miles. You thought they would last longer? Me too, but think again. I often see customers who have shock absorbers that are have worn or busted seals which causes oil leaks and they don’t even know it. You would most likely notice damaged shock absorbers (aka dampeners) if you go over railroad tracks, post holes, or on turns for example. Despite what the manufactures recommend, shock replacements can vary by vehicle and how and where you drive. So, it’s best to have routine maintenance checkup beyond just getting an oil change.

Be safe this holiday season, come on in for an overall inspection for:

  • Leaks
  • Broken seals
  • Dented or damaged shock absorbsers/dampeners
  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns or when lane [...]
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